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Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Doug Brown had Artista Homes build his dream home. He tells about his experience in building with Artista, and why Artista Homes should be the first choice for anyone looking to build their dream home.

Doug Brown

We had heard about Artista through good friends of ours, and we loved the new home that they had just built, so we decided to set up a meeting. It only took a few minutes of sitting around a table at one of their show homes and we were ready to sign the papers. Their passion for building homes and connecting with clients was evident from the beginning. We loved the clean lines and creative designs that we saw in their show homes. And most importantly, we were treated like family from day one. After meeting the guys, we knew we had made the right decision to build with Artista.

We were impressed by how they listened to us and relayed our ideas to their architect who drafted up an initial plan to fit our lot. They were open to all of our ideas and gave us valuable feedback and suggestions along the way. We really valued their experience and loved getting to see concrete examples of what they had done.

As first time homebuilders, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were anticipating obstacles along the way, but we moved in on time and everything went smoothly. We drove by our house almost every day and there was always progress being. From start to finish, the building process was enjoyable and stress-free.

The personal attention we received from Tony, Enzo, Gino, and Frank was second to none. They spent so much time with us, we felt like we were their only customers. We could call them at any time and with any question and they were always happy to help. The communication was excellent; we felt very involved during each stage of the building process. We felt like they were as excited to build our home for us as we were to have them build it.

We moved into our new home in December and we are thrilled beyond words. Our home is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. With Artista’s innovative ideas, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail, it’s no wonder they have won so many gold medals. Their passion, integrity, and superior customer service will make you feel like your home is being built by family. We have been shouting Artista’s name from the rooftops ever since!

To the Artista family, thank you for a wonderful building experience and for creating a beautiful place for us to call home. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

John and Jayme

We moved into our new Artista home near the end of February and have to say that we are pleased beyond words! We were introduced to Artista through a friend of our daughter’s. From the very first meeting with Tony and Enzo, we were impressed with their building knowledge and willingness to try and build us the house we wanted. Within a very short time, we knew we had made the right decision to go with Artista.

We took a shell of a plan and with the help of Artista’s architect, drew up our dream home! Once the building was underway, there were many choices to be made. Without exception, everyone we dealt with through Artista was courteous and helpful. There was Magda at Interior Illusions (4 hours consultation was included in our contract) who was absolutely fantastic. Darcy at Kitchen Craft designed our dream island and was extremely good to deal with. Right down the line, A-one people.

The workmanship on the interior of the house is superb, especially the tile (and we have a lot of tile!) The detail to which it was installed is unbelievable … near perfection. Every time we went through the house during the building process, there was hardly anything that needed to be changed or fixed. If there were changes, Gino (who was always with us during our on-sight visits) was fantastic about making sure things got fixed. Artista was very good at accommodating us for our walk-throughs as were from out of town, and usually came in near the end of their workday.

We have heard so many horror stories about the building process, but honestly, we never felt that way with Artista. Tony, Enzo, Gino and Frank were absolutely delightful to deal with. Fine young gentlemen with wonderful people skills! They never, ever made us feel like we were asking dumb questions, or were being difficult. They go out of their way to please the customer. Would we recommend Artista? … in a heartbeat! We’ve already raved to everyone we know about how good they are. We’ve even heard from people who went with other builders, how good Artista’s houses are!

To our new friends at Artista (and all the people who work for them) THANK YOU a million times. You’ve made our dream house come true!

Marie & Barry Lundin

My husband and I thought long and hard about building vs. buying an existing home. However, last summer we had the pleasure of meeting the Artista Homes Team. From that moment, the family style character was apparent and we immediately felt like our best friend was going to help us build a dream.

Throughout the building process you were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We want to thank you for being up-front and honest about the entire building process. Your team has given new meaning to the word outstanding.

You have done so much more than build our dream home, you have created heaven in the south end of the city.

We will always speak highly of Artista Homes, you are Winnipeg’s finest builder. From construction to client experience, you are an example to all in the customer service and construction industry.

Marie Paras and Family

Our experience with Artista Homes started in the spring of 2007. We were looking around to move into a different home, not necessarily a brand new one, but looking around none the less. We came across one of their show homes over in Fair field park and fell in love with it! It was exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to set up a meeting with the builders and go from there. At our first meeting we were pleasantly surprised to see the youth and energy that the guys of Artista Homes possessed! We had a good vibe from them right from the start of that meeting and were ready to sign papers!

We didn’t really know what to expect, being first time builders and all, but things got started right away. We were expecting there to be some bumps along the way of course, but we never seemed to hit them! Throughout the entire building process Artista, with their first hand service and no “middle man” interference, were extremely accommodating making the entire experience enjoyable and stress free.

Six months later we were unpacking boxes in our beautiful new home! We moved in on time with zero issues or problems and not only do we have a wonderful new home but we made some great new friends with Artista.

Since having built with Artista we have referred several friends to them, whom all share the same experiences throughout their process of building as we did. The customer service Artista provided from the start continues even over a year later with phone calls and the occasional drop in visits!

If and when we decide to build again it will no doubt be with Artista Homes!

Dion, Kristin and Jett Deschamps

Bryan Little, pro hockey player with the Winnipeg Jets, chose to build his new home with Artista Homes. We were very excited to go through the whole build process with Bryan and his wife. He wanted a unique home that suited his lifestyle, and he new that Artista was the builder that could deliver his families dream home.
Bryan was happy to share his Artista building experience. Thank you for choosing Artista Homes, it was a honor to build your home.

Bryan Little

Mark and Mariza talk about their experience working with the Artista Home’s Team.

Mark and Mariza

Our first experience with Artista homes is very indicative of their passion and pride in both their home building and commitment to customer satisfaction. My girlfriend and I went to visit one of their show homes on a Friday night during the Parade of Homes event. We stopped our car in front of the show home, unfortunately it was closed. We decided to take a look at the exterior and peak through the windows. All of a sudden a young man approached us very nonchalantly and asked if we would like to look inside. We asked how this was possible as the home was closed. He replied with a smile “I am the builder”. Enzo proceeded to give us a private tour of the show home and patiently answered all of our questions without any sales pitch or circumstance. He was indeed proud of this home and was very simply pointing features that he liked. This first introduction to the Artista family made a very strong and lasting impression upon us.

One of the most important attributes about working with Artista is that you are working with a family of owners. There are no intermediaries. If you have a question you call Tony, Enzo, Gino or Frank. They provide you with their direct contact numbers and they answer when you call. The trades people and suppliers that Artista employs are a group of very dedicated professionals. Artista ensures that you deal with the best of the best; Francine Curtis, Victor the framer, Gary from Robinson Lighting and Anatolie the tile craftsman to name a few.

The second most important attribute is that when you are working with Artista you are working with them to create something unique and personal. It is a very much a team effort. I very much enjoyed the whole design and building process because I would be constantly bouncing ideas and concepts off of Enzo. He consistently pushed to make our house truly a reflection of our style and a house that Artista would be proud of. The house was constantly in a state of evolution and refinement. The end result was a house that exceeded our every expectation and was finished on time.

We have become good friends with the Cotroneo’s and are so pleased with their commitment to our house that we have extended an open invitation to them to show our home to any of their prospective clients. I am happy to say that they have taken us up on this offer several times.

We can’t say enough about the value, style and workmanship that Artista put into our home. Should anyone wish to speak to us regarding our experience I encourage them to contact us.

Lyn Waters and Duncan Young

To the Cotroneo Family,

On behalf of Lorraine and Myself, I wanted to send you a note of thanks to tell you how pleased we are with our new home.

Our Artista Home is not the first new home that we had built, if anyone knows the difference between a good builder and an OUTSTANDING builder it is us.

Artista Homes is the finest builder we’ve ever had. The result is an excellent home built by very good craftsmen, to our complete satisfaction, on time and for a fair price!

The trades that you associate yourself with are masters in their field and it’s reflected all over our home.

Our decision to purchase our new home from Artista Homes was the best decision that we could have made and the end result surpassed our expectations in every aspect. To take possession off our new home with ZERO deficiencies was remarkable.

We have had nothing but accolades from everyone who has seen our home. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Artista Homes to any prospective buyer,not just for the high quality of work but for the sincerity, honesty and integrity in the relationship between builder and client.

If any of your prospective buyers are not sure if they should build with you or not, tell them to stop by our house, we will most certainly be recommending Artista Homes with great confidence.

Wishing you all the best and prosperity in the future.

Ian & Lorraine

We have lived in many houses across Canada and have an appreciation for quality in a home. After 1 1/2 years in this home we are pleased with the construction and the level of finishing throughout.

The great room concept is highlighted by the Spanish ceramic flooring, granite countertops and unique glass wall panels. The workmanship continues throughout the house and into the completed basement with its large open concept, full kitchen, ceramic flooring, games room and media room. This design has taken the family living concept and put it to its full potential.

Many thanks, keep up the good work.

Peter and Donna

From the beginning and throughout the building process, the guys at Artista have exceeded all of our expectations in every way. Not only were they friendly and approachable, but it seemed as though they were just as excited about building our home as we were. From choosing the design to customizing it to our needs to selecting all of the details for the interior and exterior, the guys were there every step of the way making the process not only stress free, but fun and exciting as well. The result is that our vision has been made into a reality, the quality of which is unmatched in new homes by other builders we’ve seen over the past year.

Artista didn’t build us an Artista home. They built us our home.


David & Robin wilson

Our experience with building with the Artista and Controneo family can simply be described as phenomenal. They infuse their passion for excellence into every aspect of the home building process. As our custom home builder, they showed a dedication to ensuring that we were active participants through the entire process. They embrace an old world mentality of craftsmanship while applying innovative and contemporary elements to their home designs.

Our home is an extension of us, and Artista has helped manifest that into giving us a home that continues to be an amazing space that inspires. In our eyes, they have elevated and refined their craft into something that has truly raised the bar for all custom home builders. We still come home each and everyday and take pause in how beautiful our home is.


Shreeraj Patel

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