The Vision of Bonavista

Bonavista – The Art of Modern Suburban Living

Bonavista captures the art of modern suburban living within a landscaped community of parks and lakes in proximity to the Bois-des-Esprit trail system and the Seine River. Bonavista is built on a foundation of design and environmental sustainability.

Plans are in the making for Southeast Winnipeg’s most anticipated new community, Bonavista. Located in close proximity to the Seine River, the 243 acre parcel of land is to be developed as a complete community. The architecturally controlled community will offer housing choice, recreational opportunity and proximity to modern suburban amenities and services. Development of Bonavista is anticipated to commence in 2015 after planning approvals have been finalized.

Contact Artista Homes at (204) 415-6625, or email [email protected].

Map of Bonavista

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